For her size and population, Nepal is the least roaded country in the world. To see her, you must travel as her people do – on foot. Alpine Exodus specializes in taking visitors trekking to remote areas of the country, giving them the chance to observe local people living their lives the way they have for centuries. We travel with care and respect, incorporating ecological and cultural conservation practices. Our company is guided by the conviction that it is possible to honor the beliefs dignity and environment of our countrymen, while exchanging ideas and information on the outside world.

Since its inception in 2001, Alpine Exodus has intoruduced thousands of people around the world to the spectacular high peaks of the Himalayas, from Nepal to Tibet to Bhutan. While most are drawn by the mountains, their lasting memories are of the extraordinary people who inhabit them.

We invite you to join us and create your own memories of this special part of the world. Few areas capture peoples’ hearts and imaginations like the Himalayas!