The Solu Khumbu or the Everest Region, stretches in between 2600m/8528ft to 8848m/29022ft is the most famous place for varieties of trekking tours in Nepal and quite possibly of the high mountains and the snow peaks – Himalayas. Not only it is the home of Mt. Everest (8848m/29022ft) – the tallest peak on earth, it is also the home of different family groups, such as the legendary Sherpas, Rais, Magars, Tamangs etc. As well as Sagarmatha (Mother of Universe) as the Nepalese call to Everest, the Khumbu also boasts other 8,000 meter peaks including Lhotse and Cho Oyu whilst Makalu can be seen barely a ridge away.

Any trekking tour in Everest Region provides seceneries of the mountains and Himalayan peaks, wide range of wilderness and cultural encounters. Therefore in Solu Khumbu, there are those who wish to reach the highest point on earth; there are those who choose to live out their dreams by standing at the foot of Mt. Everest whilst there are those who prefer a middle ground south of the Khumbu such as the lower Khumbu. It is the region suitable for all kinds of adventure seekers.

A trek of any length is an opportunity to observe and participate in the daily life of the locals and similarly any trek here is a path to higher altitude there it invites a leisurely paces.

In the middle graded elevation (such as in the lower Solu) the climate is temperate therefore the forests and pastureland are well watered, the farmlands cultivated with maize, wheat, barley and apples while the higher Khumbu has cold climate and does not grow so much in cultivation. Tourism is the major activities here.

Buddhist Lamas, monks and nuns led by Rinpoches (reincarnated lamas) serve the predominantly Sherpa communities from the monasteries. Recognized as the World Heritage Site (in1979), the Sagarmatha National park (with an area of 1148 sq. km.) in the Khumbu is one of the few places on earth that has a unique bio-diversity and the highest and youngest mountain system in the world. Most of our trek itineraries run through Khumbu and the Sagarmatha National park are excellent tours mainly in terms of acclimatization and to experience the changing customs, traditions and lifestyles as you pass through lower altitude settlements to those in the higher areas. Also we know that Mt. Everest is the prime attraction of all.

Every one of the above gives excellent adventure! Yet, we would love to hear from you and would be happy to help you pick the best trips according to your needs and schedules.

Wedding in Everest Base Camp

Grade moderate Duration 10 Days Activity Trekking

Just Imagine tying the knot on top of the world! Literally. How incredible would it be to take your vows at the most celestial place on earth?  Your romantic, yet adventurous, wedding-venue is being surrounded by the Himalayan snow capped peaks as you stand at the …

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Gokyo-EBC via Cho La & Island Peak

Grade extrem, moderate Duration Days Activity Peak Climbing, Trekking

Welcome to one of the most exciting trips in the Everest area of Nepal that makes world famous trek on the trail to Gokyo valley passing through beautiful Sherpa villages that are also nicknamed as the “heartlands of Sherpas”. Gokyo …

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Everest Base Camp trek

Grade moderate Duration 12 Days Activity Trekking

Who wouldn’t want to travel to Everest Base Camp as described by many travel magazines as one of the must places to visit before you die? We have the most suitable program in monsoon & winter prepared to fulfill your long awaited …

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Three Passes in Everest

Grade extrem Duration 21 Days Activity Trekking

This program is for the adventure lovers! It includes three high passes of Everest region that joins three main valleys of Khumbu and traverses three beautiful ridges (peaks) en-route! The passes are Khongma La (5535m), Cho La (5368m) and Renjo La(5340m) with Chhukung …

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Gokyo Valley trek

Grade easy Duration Days Activity Trekking

It’s an exciting trip that lets you visit some of the best scenes in the Himalayas which combines Mt. Everest, Mt. Cho Oyu and Mt. Makalu in one locale. And the lower elevation standing by these sky-scraping are probably the …

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EBC – Gokyo Valley with Cho La

Grade difficult Duration Days Activity Trekking

There are so many interesting things to do in this 18 days’ Everest Base Camp – Cho La (pass) and – Gokyo Valley trek. It includes two main valleys of the Khumbu Region to explore each with spectacular mountain scenery, …

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