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Nepal – a country perhaps backward & one of the least developed but has the world-classes adventures in a small area stretching from hot & humid to cold tundra type climatic zone. Similarly it also wonders a visitor by its geographical setting. If traveled by flight for less than 20 minute, one can experience the lowest point of Nepal which is just 60 meter from the sea level to the Universe’s highest point 8848.86 meter. This odd feature is available nowhere in the world but in Nepal. Therefore Nepal keeps luring the adventure aspirants from around the globe!

Knowing this mesmerizing fact in 2004 April, Alpine Exodus came into existence with brand new ideas to develop tourism providing quality services and creating more job opportunities for the locals. So we; the owners never sat down being bosses in the office since its inception. We ourselves get involved as Guides and supporting teams we travel extensively from east to west, in almost all the major trek routes of Nepal.

We hire different level of man-powers to run the treks; specially those trips that run in the off-the-beaten path trek. Anyone we find dedicated, will to carry on this profession, we help them get training and support for taking English language classes and other skill developing trainings. Today it has helped us to make our own team which has been the most powerful asset by which we can serve our clients better than others. We stand number one in any trek routes. Yet, the truth is that we emphasize quality service than volume of it.
Alpine Exodus is dully registered company with Nepal government and has acquired all the legal permissions to operate all kind of tours, treks and other activities.

Below is more about it:

Department of Tourism (Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Sports)
Licence No: 689/2061,

Company Registrar Office (Ministry of Industry & Commerce)
Pvt. Ltd. No: 28051/061/62,

Permanent Account Number (PAN/Ministry of Finance)
PAN No: 301665489,

Alpine Exodus