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Sikles Route; the Botanical walk

The green carpeted meadows by your trekking trail are excellent grazing sites of the local farmers where thousands of sheep and goat herds can be seen. A 10-12 days trek here is spent with a great pleasant and amazing soft adventure.

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Dhaulagiri-Dolpo trans-himalaya trek

Today a trek here is a very pleasant outdoor activity that provides you an excellent adventure of experiencing the nature and culture as intact condition as described in the book. 

Be a part of the travel here and witness what the writer had seen, felt and enjoyed the differences. On top of everything, the amazing vistas are still there. The route is still one of the remotest and full of adventurous. This is one of the favorite routes of Alpine Exodus!   

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Heaven for bird watchers or researchers when your interest is that species which dwell in the Himalayan region. Small country in which amazing number of birds are spotted that include locals to migrated to seasonal species.

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