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We are in the tourism business of this beautiful country, Nepal. Along with building our profession on it and paying a lot of taxes to the government, we also carry on our moral responsibility on caring the nature, supporting the local people to generate their income from the sustainable tourism activities, supporting Disabled People through Khagendra New Life Home, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal etc.

Caring the Nature: we are fully conscious about the environment protection. Our trips are designed having it in mind that we are the part of nature and the environment that we live-in. We; the team leaders, guides and the supporting staffs do strictly follow this moral duty of “should preserve the environment”. We must stop our planet getting spoiled! All the trek/mountaineering/tour groups or individuals that we organize the trip of; are requested to bring back the garbage upto the designated areas or the places. Our camps are double checked by the trek leaders before leaving to make sure that the place has been left in better condition than we got on the previous evening!

In the past we even have worked sending back the garbage to the origin countries which may be recycled or re-used by the producing companies; such as the lithium batteries, the Oxygen cylinders etc.

Plastic made bags, bottles, chocolate-covers and so on are the worse things seen on the trekking sites. The kitchen wastes especially the non-biodegradable, like the cans, tins, bottles and their caps are thrown indiscreetly. The Everest Base Camp, the Annapurna Base Camps etc are some of the ones that have tremendous effect of piling garbage. Thousands of people gather every year here in the BCs and spend their happy moments. Luxury accompanies upto here being transported by one of the expensive means of transportation such as the Porters’ back or on Yaks. One of the obvious need is the same motivation that helps to get transported back of all the remnants.

The Himalayan region has the obvious effect of the global warming already. News came to hear that at the C-IV of Mt. Everest there was water last year! This is an alarming sign of that the region is being polluted fast.

If not us who cares? If we don’t initiate now, who and when? Come, join us in cleaning expeditions! Even in the small scale we have initiated now and we already have done it successfully. We prove that the small initiation helps to make a big change!

Income generating for the Local People: Alpine Exodus has the complete team of local Guides and Sherpas to run your trips. Most of us are from Everest or Makalu region. Even in a small scale, this company is providing opportunities of good employment to the local people.

We encourage our clients and the teams to consume the locally available foods and drinks. This is helpful for the local products that it gets market. Local people will directly be  benefited by consuming their products. Studies have proven that the locally grown things  are either totally organic or very less pesticides used. Good for your health too!

We certainly serve to our clients the westerns’ meals on the trips and of course provide chances to try the local meals. The interested guests even get to have dinner together with a Sherpa family in their traditional kitchens; say in Khumjung on the way to EBC or Ghandrung or even in Manang of Annapurna. Purchasing local foods and drinks support to income generate to the locals. Also therefore the locals keep appreciating tourism!

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