Honey Hunting in Nepal is a fascinating and ancient tradition that involves harvesting wild honey from the nests of giant Himalayan bees (Apis laboriosa). This practice is not only a livelihood for some indigenous communities but also an adventure for visitors seeking unique cultural experiences.

Honey hunting has been practiced by indigenous communities like the Gurung and Magar for centuries. The honey collected is not only consumed but also used for medicinal purposes and sold for economic gain.

Participating in a honey hunting expedition offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in local customs and traditions. Visitors can learn about the ecological significance of the bees and the sustainable practices used by the hunters.

It’s an experience the adrenaline rush of climbing cliffs and harvesting honey and gaining insights into the lives of indigenous communities and their sustainable practices. Enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Himalayan foothills.

Tentative itinerary:
Day 01 & 02: arrival in Kathmandu. Stay at hotel (on BB plan). Welcome dinner and city tours (guide & transportation). Lots of Q&A, last minute preparation, packing.
Day 03: drive to Pokhara. Hotel stay (on BB plan). Free evening, visit around.
Day 04 to 07: arrive at the Hunting Village area. Interaction with the locals, visit the hunting site/cliff and locate the best viewing angle for photo/or video shoot for tomorrow.
Day 08: main hunting day. After walk to the spot and place yourself at the best viewing anagle you’ve fixed on the previous day. Have pack lunch and for dinner, you’ll be returning to the lodge.
Day 09/10: return to Pokhara & Kathmandu.
Day 11: you can fly back home.
[This is an outline itinerary; a detailed is sent on request. The time frame shown here can be modified as per your holiday period and if you’d be looking for the shortest one; like for a week time only, this is possible too. Please let us know your preferences).